Distributor of WIPL-D Pro

Lysko Consulting CC is proud to be the sole distributor in South Africa for WIPL-D d.o.o., selling and providing support for the state-of-the-art numerical electromagnetic (EM) simulation and modelling software WIPL-D Professional.

WIPL-D is has a very fast computational engine, and is extremely memory-efficient due to utilisation of the higher order basis functions (within the Method of Moments framework).

There are two editions of WIPL-D: Professional (Pro) and Lite (Artech House edition).

The Professional (Pro) edition has full functionality and is licensed on per-variable basis. The professional tool also offers add-on features, such as Optimizer, GPU Solver, Time Domain Solver, Filter Designer, Array Designer, and AW Modeller (for importing .dxf files).

WIPL-D professional products includes the following main modules:

There are various licensing schemes available, including permanent license, leasing, renting, and special discounts to educational and governmental institutions.

The Lite edition software is a limited, low cost version of WIPL-D Microwave Pro which performs analysis of projects up to 665 unknowns. It includes version 6.0 of WIPL-D Pro and Optimizer Lite (optimization for max 2 variables is supported), and it is distributed by Artech House published book "WIPL-D Microwave: Circuit and 3D EM Simulation for RF & Microwave Applications - Software and User's Manual", includes a limited Optimizer, and supports up to 665 variables. This is an inexpensive but very fast and accurate tool.

The web site www.wipl-d.com supplies a substantial support material, including illustrative examples, speed benchmarks, scientific and application references, user forums and many more.

If you require a quotation, demonstration or support, please feel free to contact us.