Data communication link over fixed telephone lines (PSTN), GSM or GPRS networks. This enables convenient wired and wireless data-logging, monitoring and control from and to remote sites.

This product is based on an in-house developed LabView library for control of GSM/GPRS modems and can be extended to EDGE, 3G, UMTS and other extensions on request. The driver/library consists of well over 100 subroutines (VI-s) of different levels (I/O, AT Modem, GSM Modem, GPRS Modem, IP Stack) providing different functionality, including but not limited to, for example:

Initialise Port Initialise Modem Attach to a GPRS Network
Send AT Command Enter PIN Ping Remote Host
Receive Until Pattern Matched Read Signal Quality Create TCP Listener
VISA Read Multiplexed Dial a Number Open TCP Connection
Close Port Hang Up Send data via FTP

Intermediate and low-level VIs, the building blocks, are also included, allowing you to quickly expand the library for your specific needs. The library can also be used to control ordinary cellular phones from a PC or PDA. Expansion Options: EDGE, 3G, UMTS, HSDPA, HSCSD, SMS, Voice and Fax.

Originally, the library was developed for a de-facto industry-standard modem Wavecom® Fastrack model M1306B. The GSM/GPRS functionality is now based on the standard GSM 07.07 and should work with any other GSM or GPRS modem complying with the standard. The TCP/IP-related functionality should work with other modems utilising the eDsoft's TCP/IP stack, e.g. Fargo® Maestro 100, Argo Genner Genloc25, as well as with related wireless modules like Wismo.

The library can be used under MS Windows or Linux, natively within the National Instruments LabVIEW development system. It can also be supplied as a DLL library.

Quick INFO on the practical details of the PSTN, GSM, GPRS EDGE, 3G, UMTS and HSDPA.