Electromagnetic modeling consulting

Lysko Consulting CC has substantial experience in solving various problems (e.g. antenna placement, propagation, impedance modeling etc.), and is happy to offer advise for antenna and electomagnetic modeling.

We are experienced with using WIPL-D. WIPL-D is based on a very fast computational engine, and is extremely memory-efficient, both due to utilisation of the higher order basis functions (within the Method of Moments framework).

If you want to know technical details regarding this tool, please view the Artech House book "WIPL-D Microwave: Circuit and 3D EM Simulation for RF & Microwave Applications - Software and User's Manual" regarding the WIPL-D Lite version (limited in size of problems) and/or consider visiting WIPL-D d.o.o. for information on WIPL-D Professional (Pro), including application examples, performance benchmarks, scientific and application references, etc.

Please feel free to contact us.